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In sustaining a 中学 program that honors and celebrates the stage of human development called early adolescence, 澳门新葡京博彩努力为培养同理心和身份塑造和策划空间, 为学生提供了无数智力成长的机会, 个人和社会, Our 中学 faculty and staff offer all children the sense of safety and belonging they need to be themselves and engage in a process of self-discovery. An 咨询 program provides students with an adult mentor at school who helps them make sound decisions, 设定优先级,评估挑战. 作为青少年早期的家长,你可以考虑顾问 你的 学校的关键人物, 与您合作,促进学生的独立性, self-advocacy and the self-confidence that results from playing a larger role in problem solving and working through challenges with greater self-sufficiency. 我们的中学生在课堂之外也过着充实的生活, 参与社区服务, 体育和无数的俱乐部活动,导致新领域的发现, 人才, 友谊, 导师, 上下文, 问题和身份. These activities also provide opportunities for early adolescents to practice and demonstrate responsibility, 公民意识(重视服务社会甚于服务自我), 合作, 积极倾听, 领导力和韧性. 我们为中学生做的每一件事都是用心的, designed and facilitated by educators who possess expertise in early adolescence and find joy in working with this unique age group.


澳门新葡京博彩教育模式, 根植于澳门新葡京博彩上校的丰富遗产和学校是“模范之家”的比喻,,很适合中学生. 这种模式包括多种, inclusive and intimate school community; inspirational teachers who know their students personally and are empowered to pursue organic, authentic opportunities for teaching and learning that emerge from their students; compelling curricula that motivates students to be thoughtful, creative and engaged with enthusiasm in school and community life; and an emphasis on preparing students to embrace their responsibilities as involved citizens in a free, 多元民主社会, 寻求, 总是, 促进更高水平的公平和包容,以实现更大的利益, 并致力于一生培养一个人的同理心和文化能力. 中学阶段涉及大量的认知, 生理和社会的变化同时令人兴奋, 激励, 让青少年感到沮丧和不安. 青春期有一种增强自我意识的方式, disrupting 友谊 and encouraging various forms of rebellion (most of them healthy and necessary). 这个阶段的孩子正在进行更抽象的推理, are invigorated by positive social interaction with both peers and adults and hunger for new levels of responsibility and independence, 他们也渴望明确的界限, thoughtful guidance and a measure of structure that serves as a safety net for their many explorations. Knowing our students personally and maintaining close communication between school and home are important keys to the success of our program. Early adolescents seek to define more clearly their own identities—both who they are and who they aspire to be—while simultaneously facing the practical need to compromise their own wants and needs to gain acceptance to a group. 这个过程需要数年才能完成, 随着青少年找到一种既忠于自己又忠于社区或群体的方式. 中学存在, 最终, so that children can practice getting what they need from the world when their parents or caregivers no longer mostly do it for them.
青少年早期肯定会感受到21世纪成长的焦虑和压力, 尽管很难保持正确的观点, it remains true that the ideal environment for promoting growth has optimism and joyfulness; enthusiastic engagement without the crippling fear of failure; the safety and freedom to be one’s authentic self while helping those around us do the same; the development of cultural competency so we all come to understand and appreciate our own complex identities and 上下文 and those of others unlike us; creative, collaborative and meaningful intellectual discourse; perseverance and resilience as primary values and omnipresent goals; and a shared vigorous commitment to sustaining a community that strives with fervor to be the most equitable for all—especially when it’s hard and when no one is quite certain what to do. 虽然有时做某事(任何事)?)可能会帮助我们成年人感觉更好, 压力, 完美主义, 竞争, high-stakes testing and a focus on grades stunt growth and limit a child’s opportunities to succeed, 而不是扩展它们. 它是, 因此, 在那些不可避免的焦虑时刻, frustration or pain that we most need to seek and name the joy as a means of maintaining 的角度来看 while helping our 中学ers learn to do the same. 最后,我们能给青少年最好的礼物就是 的角度来看. 没有比开放更伟大的目标了, honest and respectful collaboration between parents and educators than helping one another develop and sustain our own long-term 的角度来看 for the benefit of children. 受过教育的, 对知识充满好奇的热情和参与的公民, analytical and creative in their thinking; inclusive, 善解人意,致力于发挥他们的全部潜力, 不仅仅是为了个人利益,而是为了积极的目的, meaningful and lasting contributions to their communities—these are the primary qualities we seek to nurture and reinforce in all 中学 students at Parker.
澳门新葡京博彩教育学生用同理心思考和行动, courage and clarity as responsible citizens and leaders in a diverse democratic society and global community.