From the Head of Intermediate School, Vahn Phayprasert

幼儿后期(4年级和5年级)为拓展视野提供了肥沃的土壤, recognizing complexity, becoming self-aware and embracing new responsibilities. 这个年龄段的孩子从小学毕业,准备出发, 在老师的精心指导下,在一个广泛而明确的结构中, 朝着抽象思维迈出的第一步. Intermediate School students are earnest, available for learning, 渴望与老师和同学建立联系,对新的想法和机会感到兴奋,表现出独立. 他们寻找时间和空间,通过探索来学习, 然而,从限制自由中获益,开始歧视和评估他们的思维过程. 他们渴望为自己的生活承担更大的责任, perhaps even more eager than prepared. But with the thoughtful, 老师的持续指导,他们理解并欣赏这个独特年龄的令人兴奋的潜力, 学生参与正式学术环境内外的活动,提供自我组织的动手练习, 分清轻重缓急,并在课堂之外与他人合作. Intermediate School teachers create situations, intentionally, 让他们的学生安全地参与挑战他们练习这些技能的活动, followed by reflection, feedback and renewed efforts. At this stage, 一种综合的方法——在学术之外的生活中提供经常运用所学知识的机会——对促进成熟和成长至关重要, 让每个孩子都能充分发挥自己的潜力. As such, during this stage, 学生的社会情感需求和智力需求同等重要, at times, even indistinguishable.

Our Approach to Intermediate School

澳门新葡京博彩的使命是教育学生“用同理心思考和行动”, 作为民主社会和全球社会中负责任的公民和领导人的勇气和清晰,“我们的中学老师挑战并鼓励学生:

  • Apply the skills, concepts and processes they learn to new intellectual endeavors and to real-life situations; beyond understanding and retention, 重点转移到将知识和技能转移到他们学习和生活的新方面
  • 认识并采用新的、更广阔的视角来看待自己, others and the world around them; daily reinforcement helps students see and begin to articulate different points of view on the same issue, 学校周围的新责任有助于将注意力从自我转移到他人(以及我们都所属的多个社区)。
  • Think through and describe their own reasoning, discriminating between rational, sound opinions and simple preferences, as well as between supporting detail and broader conclusions; frequent practice at recognizing and describing context helps students see new perspectives
  • Recognize, accept and grow comfortable engaging “the gray,” pivoting away from more concrete thinking (good and bad, the way to approach a mathematical problem, the spirit versus the letter of the rules to a playground game); teachers are explicit in instructing students how to change points of view and draw no arbitrary distinction between opportunities to attempt more complex thinking during academic lessons and in their everyday lives
  • 表现出他们对自己和社区的个人责任意识的增强, 了解他们生活中各种类型的关系, 自我宣传和有效的沟通在他们的学习和成长中扮演着重要的角色, and literacy around issues of identity, 权力和公平(从课程中提取,并与他们自己的世界经验联系起来)
  • Related to the item above, 开始拥抱他们的责任作为参与公民在一个自由, pluralistic and democratic society, seeking, always, 促进更高水平的包容,以实现更大的利益, 并致力于一生中培养和传播一个人的同理心和文化能力
Francis W. 澳门新葡京博彩学校教育学生用同理心思考和行动, 在一个多元化的民主社会和全球社区中,作为负责任的公民和领导人的勇气和清晰.