Our Mission

Francis W. Parker School educates students to think and act with empathy, 在一个多元化的民主社会和全球社区中,作为负责任的公民和领导人的勇气和清晰.

Our Vision and Values

Relationships and Community
We treasure the respectful ways students, teachers, staff, parents and alumni come to know one another through their work and studies, empowering each individual and our community with hope and possibility. We understand how history, culture and society shape our individual and shared experiences, and we appreciate how our unique identities develop through our relationships with others, our own inner lives, our surroundings and the world of 的想法. 我们的学校培养真诚和信任,因为我们激励每个学生成为一个有创造力的公民, capable and dedicated to upholding Parker’s mission.

Inclusivity and Dignity
我们是由致力于整个学校的公平和包容的不同群体组成的. 我们通过课程和教学法创造学习经验,与我们社区所包含的许多不同身份产生共鸣, making us effective citizens who honor the dignity of every human being. 我们是一所亲密而广阔的学校,当学生感到被了解时,我们肯定学生可以蓬勃发展的方式, appreciated and supported by equitable access to the fullness of a Parker education. Our school thrives when we each can acquire and contribute to the creation of new knowledge and skills; explore our imaginations and different perspectives; share who we are becoming; and expect to be treated with respect and kindness when expressing our own 的想法, popular or not, while also learning to confront behaviors that oppress, exclude or demean the humanity of others.

Engagement and Creativity
我们追求卓越的教育,通过努力培养创造性的问题解决,让所有人都能体验到学习的乐趣,并了解个人和集体的劳动如何改善社会. We grow in intellectual, emotional, physical, aesthetic and moral life through our attuned approaches to responsive teaching and mentoring. We learn from one another as we participate fully in spirited, rigorous, reflective and ethical engagement in all areas of study and activity, curricular and extracurricular. We seek purpose, meaning and impact through the content and methods that inform our learning and teaching. 我们跨学科探究的学术和艺术标准从课堂学习贯穿于学校内外的生活.
Openness and Growth
We believe growth in understanding, ability and confidence occur when we are open to new questions, perspectives and information; when we act with respect, civility and curiosity as we make reasoned judgments; when we speak in our own voices; and when we listen attentively to the voices of others. We know that our ability to think for ourselves expands when we engage in healthy, nuanced discussion and persevere with integrity when complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity challenge us. 我们的教育愿景引导我们创造变革性的机会,超越当前的成就和观点, 通过认真的反思和开放的对话,让我们从成功和失败中学习.

Responsibility and Collaboration
We hold that a Parker education is a privilege that carries responsibility and accountability. We call on all to participate with self-discipline, independence of mind and a collaborative spirit in keeping with the mission, values and vision of our school. 我们希望我们每个人都准备好学习和支持澳门新葡京博彩的进步教育方法, human development and community life. Our purpose is to inspire all to apply their skills, thoughts and values to make our school and the world more just, beautiful and interesting.

Character and Citizenship
The people of Francis W. 澳门新葡京博彩学校通过将反思与行动联系起来,鼓励彼此行使个人和公民权力, research with creativity, wisdom with innovation, deeds with consequences and character with citizenship. In these ways, Parker stands as a progressive school, 致力于全人的成长和发展,关系到整个学校社区的成长和发展, on behalf of our democratic society and the wider world.

Parent Partnership Agreement

As parents engaged in the education and development of Parker students…
Our goals are to communicate openly with the school and each other on behalf of our children; volunteer and participate in the life of the school; and contribute financially to support the school at whatever level we are able in its effort to provide an excellent education for its students.
As members of the Parker community...
We appreciate that education thrives when parents trust the school, the students and other parents with a spirit of open-mindedness, a respect for diversity and generosity with time, 的想法 and resources.
As adults…
我们知道,孩子们倾听我们的话,观察我们的行为,以便更好地了解他们与老师的关系, students and other adults throughout the school.

Diversity Statement

Francis W. 澳门新葡京博彩学校通过在澳门新葡京博彩的各个领域承认和尊重社区的所有成员,努力维护其教育品格和公民意识的使命. 建立在多元化丰富学习和多元化社区使每个人受益的信念之上, 学校故意由不同的人组成,这样我们就可以学习如何尊重每个人的尊严和经验.

澳门新葡京博彩努力创造一个安全和包容的环境,让学生学会勇敢地谈论不同的经历, opinions, 的想法, interests and identities that shape humanity. 澳门新葡京博彩还致力于培养一个对差异敏感的学校社区,包括, but not limited to, 比赛, 性, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, 性ual orientation, political and social values, culture, gender identity, religion, physical ability and learning style.

At Francis W. Parker School, we believe, as part of a global world, 我们必须教导学生多样性,以加强他们与他人相处的能力,这样他们就可以学会尊重和友善地对待他人,并挑战压迫他人的行为, exclude or demean the humanity of others.

Parker’s commitment to diversity informs its approach to admissions and hiring; its support of financial assistance to families of varying socioeconomic means; and its belief in the importance of developing the school’s curriculum, 社区和文化,将学生的经历与更广阔的社会和更广阔的世界联系起来.
Francis W. Parker School educates students to think and act with empathy, 在一个多元化的民主社会和全球社区中,作为负责任的公民和领导人的勇气和清晰.