Our School 领导

弗朗西斯·W. Parker School Board of Trustees is responsible for advancing the best interests of the school consistent with its philosophy, 任务, founding principles and ideals of progressive education. The Board’s responsibilities include overarching policy matters, the school’s financial well-being and budgeting and hiring the Principal. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Board operates strategically, attentive to the long-term interests of the institution and alert to the needs of the entire community and each constituency: current students, 现在的父母, 教师, 管理员, 工作人员, 校友, prospective parents and future generations of students and parents.

The board comprises up to 33 voting members, including at least 11 现在的父母 and 5 校友. Non-voting representatives to the Board include the Principal, key members of the school administration, 教师 representatives and student representatives. In addition, there are Honorary and Life Trustees to the Board.

In all aspects of its work, the Board collaborates with the administration, 工作人员 and 教师 to further a collective vision of the school’s principles.

Board of Trustees

Jennifer炸 联合主席
Isabel Navarrete Polsky, 联合主席
德Jimoh, 第一副主席
麦夫波拉克, 第二副主席
Timothy Friedman, Vice Chair - Campaign
Josh Lowitz 财务主管
莫妮卡Bahri, 秘书

Eric Bruozis
Michael Demetriou
Geoff Gist ' 79
Gennell Jefferson
Tiffany Hamel Johnson
Mikus Kins, 91年 
Sarah Levine '01
Tamar Newberger ’81
Steven Weisman '04

Standing Board Committees


  • Advancement Committee

    • Oversees the operation of the school’s total fiscal development program
    • Recommends policies for the school’s ongoing development efforts
  • 审计委员会

    • Recommends the appointment of independent auditors to the Board of Trustees
    • Meets with the independent auditors before and after the annual audit to discuss the financial reporting of the school
    • Interacts with the Finance Committee and Chief Financial Officer regarding the school’s financial reporting
    • Submits the annual audit to the Board of Trustees, with recommendation for approval
  • Facilities Committee

    • Oversees school construction projects
    • Oversees the care and preservation of the school’s grounds and physical plant
  • Finance Committee

    • Continually reviews the school’s financial condition
    • In conjunction with the Principal and 工作人员, reviews budget forecasts and recommends an annual budget for the following fiscal year (July to June)
    • Oversees the Investment Subcommittee
  • Governance Committee

    • Presents to the Board the names of persons for election as Trustees-at-Large, 军官, Honorary Trustees and Life Trustees
    • Conducts an orientation program for all new Trustees
    • Evaluates the performance of each Trustee eligible for re-election in a given year
弗朗西斯·W. Parker School educates students to think and act with empathy, courage and clarity as responsible citizens and leaders in a diverse democratic society and global community.